Tenants Guide



If you have a short fall in income you may need a guarantor. To determine this, you will need to check your annual salary is a least 30 times the monthly rent. If you are a student or unemployed you will also need a guarantor. Each guarantor will need to complete an application form and reference checks will need to be carried out before a tenancy can be considered. Guarantors will need to sign the deed of guarantee before tenancy commences.


A direct debit /standing order mandate for the monthly rental payments will need to be set for monthly rental payments. The rent is collected on a monthly basis on a set date as stated in the tenancy agreement.

Tenants Admin Fees

We charge an admin fee to cover administration cost of preparing documentation and reference checks. This fee is payable at the time of submitting the application.


Admin Fee =£150 which includes reference checks for one tenant, if joint then additional fee of £60.

One month’s rent and security deposit is required in advance before keys can be released. This is made payable by bankers draft or building society cheque. The deposit will be protected by a government protected scheme, which is put in place to protect the landlord and tenant.

Guarantor Fees £60.00.


Landlord Restrictions

Please take note that some landlords have certain restrictions for rent out their property which follows.


Housing benefit



Move Times

Time scales for a move in date will depend on pre checks but every effort will made for a minimum 7 working days to accommodate your moving date. We will submit your application and when the application is successful we will inform you when the tenancy will commence. A convenient time and date will be arranged for a meeting for all prospective tenants and guarantor/s to attend to sign the tenancy agreement.

Tenants Contents Insurance

The landlord will not be responsible for the contents of your personal items so therefore you will need to obtain sufficient contents cover for your personal items. If you don’t have cover please speaks to us and we will be able to point you in the right direction.


The utilities providers will be informed at the start of a tenancy and notify them of meeting readings.